Cheap wildstar gold of broken dreams

Professional Soccer League Cheap wildstar gold games in China on CCTV in 21 is divided into 4 parts: professionalism at the beginning, the League ushered in good times; Golden State of broken dreams, chaos on the field clumps; in the first year of the Super, poisoning is not apart from the League below freezing; sweeping gambling playing black, great game back. Now here's the thing: great game back, Chinese soccer level did not improve, font size, the team scores dismal. This also prompted industry began reflection China football behind of causes, football practitioners, and media and General fans are has expression had respective views, but like now such two home national media set off concentrated big discussion this form, in this years time in the also is first times from CCTV news channel and daily launched of series reported content view, two home media are around "League" "green training" "abroad", several and China football related of keywords started. Above problem does become key factors of Chinese football forward. Based on causal relationships, "says Academy", "League" and "study abroad" to each other to "go" Youth Academy system collapse the past more than 10 years, outstanding talents seldom now Chinese football. Less good player, various clubs to compete for the player will spend even more expensive-large transfer fees have increased the cost of Club operations, also led the Chinese players worth serious beyond recognition in international football game.