FIFA 15 Coins kick bad means

Chong Chang was in Pingyao FIFA 15 Coins County of Pingyao in Shanxi Agriculture Bureau under one of the units engaged in seed production and management of nature. Indicates in the 2003 County County Bureau of agriculture seed seed farm land leased to Associates and employees to kick bad means of imposing such as power outages or water exits. Since all illegal use of land, built warehouses or farm or construction of coal storage yard, foundry, resort or basic farmland to develop horticulture land law prohibiting the development of fruit industry, treat workers being kicked off is indifferent to their fate. At Pingyao in the oil on thoroughbred field has leasing intent, its conditions far above Associates, but County Government to Thoroughbred field workers anyway yú regardless of, forced rent to Associates which of corruption problem involving County Secretary Shi Zhongxin County Li Dingwu 2006 for guarantees seed method of smooth implementation State issued a No. 200640, provincial government issued a No. 200669,, clear pointed out that: Agricultural Council subordinates of engaged in seed production operating of units to and seed management agricultural technology service sector merged, All of their allotted land nationalized assets management Department. Hidden files but the County Government Administration, to Thoroughbred farm workers refused to perform file requirements. Workers repeatedly petitioning, but petitions are departments of football games, had failed to resolve the problem, staff are only looking forward to the realization of a democratic society, with a view to social justice.