fifa 15 coins of independent value

A-share companies tour started fifa 15 coins buying spree may be just a lonely outsider, most buyers are not real Internet company. And shares only some several in industry chain in the aspect years of expert who in extension expansion among displayed out himself of independent value, especially observation Internet giant in hand tour industry chain in the abandoned development found platform of acquisition concept as this year II quarter late, shares in a years of time within has occurred at least 30 up game company shares, and acquisition, and merger phenomenon, which launched party more or less are has Fund positions settled, recently together is social security fund holds of days run holding, Rainbow holdings on June 10 announcement acquisition of a football game development company, share prices triple plate but also appear outside the company except for those really attractive valuations, game purchases have not immediately inspire fund managers ' concerns and interests, funds heavily invested in the gaming industry in the future some changes may occur in the future in addition to the over-saturation of the market, Fund Manager on game company acquisition case gradually desalination of causes is industry pattern of changes and capital high-density acquisition by produced of potential uncertainty Fund Manager also believes game company especially hand tour can share future mobile Internet fast outbreak of bonus, market is expected to 2014 of hand tour market scale will reached 23 billion yuan, more 2013 of market scale increases up to 100%, and 23 billion of market scale also means started tour will occupy whole game market scale of 21% from 2014Years first quarter of public raised Fund holdings see, Fund still in concentrated holds game unit, including Palm fun technology, and Shun wing shares, and tour family network, and in the green treasure, and days boat culture, a company, typical of as Palm fun technology was e Fund, and China treasure Societe Generale Fund, and in the silver Fund, and South Fund piled holds but industry of quickly changes may let current fund heavy warehouse game unit of phenomenon gradually occurred changes.