FIFA Coins the core of battle

Tournament Arena's biggest FIFA Coins problem is there is no obvious key players or players are unable to form the core of battle, so war cannot be embodied, is consumed on the field strength and will. Evergrande is different, evergrande has hired foreign aid Conca, Muric āi ěr Kè sēn, like "the Trident", launching a wave of shock wave, such as the liquid combined with, with absolute dominance in the team. These three people total in the AFC, and beyond all participate in the AFC except the constant of the other 31 teams! No wonder it was amazing they are World Cup level. Bai Sun God and constant big of two field game hòu, Japan fans a lamented, they jealous constant big "buy go has" world best players, and ridicule said should introduced provides banned this three a people participate in Asia Crown game, visible, "Trident" is recognized of core combination, has makes opponents signoff of momentum and strength, they is constant big absolute of hero just Guangzhou constant big and Korea Seoul FC battle create China sports history shàng of ratings records, constant big of each a field played, are affects with millions China fans of heart-- Because China's national soccer team's performance in 2013, has let fans hearts chilled, they turned all the hopes and dreams of Guangzhou evergrande, evergrande's excellent performance, and did not live up to fans ' expectations. Therefore, evergrande has not Guangzhou evergrande, but evergrande across China, evergrande was carrying the Chinese football dream. The AFC season, Chinese fans follow their shadow, cry for them. Especially in Korea in that game, the Chinese fans had reached over 10,000 people in attendance!