fifa coins plundered opponent

Last night, the Super fifa coins tournament has played in the AFC. The first appearance of Guangzhou evergrande, draw away 1:1 Korea k-League veteran champion. Debut with Jiangsu Sainty, first in AFC match vs Japan j-League runners-up Sendai Tanabata. Fighting for 90 minutes, Jiangsu SAINTY in the dominant situation, failed to score, to 0:0 unfortunately plundered opponent survived 1 min constant vs chonbuk, Lippi aimed at 3 points. Evergrande players with an overwhelming situation, colonizing a big play attacking football. Season home loss on the chonbuk Hyundai, recruiting once again this season, the strength is increased. Facing the aggressive former nemesis, chonbuk Hyundai must attack the offense, defending Korea against Chinese football soccer style and dignity. However, Jeonbuk Hyundai's to attack the offense almost to save face, its main strength was concentrated in the road of the area to withstand constant sharp strike dagger. Whatever the squad, tele-momentum, evergrande has the best take advantage of this game only ends in a draw, but evergrande has got a head start this group, to two battles leads group f with the 4 points of the record. More important of is, constant big football in against day Han team shí by displayed out of momentum, and game process in the by reflected out of strength, showed that from China football out of to of team, completely can against even chopped killed suppressed China football years of day Han teams if said, constant big regrets flat full North modern with of is luxury of war, so, River Su Shuntian is basically is to "millet plus rifles", let Japan League runner-up crumpled Sendai Tanabata opening zhī hòu, very underestimate Shun days, to midfielder advantage forces, Incessantly harassing SAINTY defence.