FUT coins 0-2 defeat to rivals

China's national soccer team at FUT coins the international a-class tournament Republic of Uzbekistan played 9 times, 3 WINS, 1 draws and 5 defeats underdog Chinese team both in the Asian Cup Finals played 3 times, China 1-2. 1996 Asian Cup group match, team 0-2 defeat to rivals, 2007 Asian Cup final round group game, Zhu Guanghu team 0-3 defeat to rivals, after 27 years missed the playoffs for the first time. In 2011, the GAO Hongbo's team again in the final round of the group stage and Uzbekistan met, result 2-2 draw with the tournament once again failed to qualify tournament in his first game with a sea of fluke, with 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia. For a young team, this is clearly good news, it's good for the players to lay my burden down. Of course, first win doesn't mean they've got a ticket to the last eight ticket in advance, as important as the next two games and the first in accordance with established practice, WINS does not need to be changed, but the Asian Cup opponents each in a different style, did not rule out Perrin adjusts to individual locations. Ren Hang made a mistake in the first game, did not rule out then paired up with Zhang linpeng at centre-back in May. In addition, the injury had no problem Sun, Ji Xiang and Zhang Chengdong one of them will most likely lose the main location. Meanwhile, did not rule out playing left midfield Yu Hai, Gao Lin returned to the starting lineup in addition to possible changes in the lineup from the tournament itself needs to improve. Although it beat Saudi Arabia, but after the national soccer team of defence as well as attack and seize the aircraft capabilities, there are some problems. 2011 2-2 draw with both sides, the Chinese team all threats opportunities mostly came from set-pieces and the sidewalk crossing. 4Years ago, the national soccer team lost 6 scoring chances, this time to try to break the awkward, needs to seize the opponent's weakness to attack, as well as enhance the offensive efficiency Uzbekistan jiepaluofu in 2008 and 2011, two-time Asian Footballer of the Year, while Zheng Zhi in 2013 get Asian footballer of the year title, the two veterans, the duel is a big focus of this field.