Wildstar Gold became a club team

92 gold generation just entering Wildstar Gold the first team when Lee Sharpe had become famous. When he played at lower-League attracted attention from all sides. At 17, he broke the transfer record of teenagers 200,000 pounds move to Old Trafford in the quarter round and made 22 appearances in the campaign on behalf of Manchester United, and quickly became a club team. 1990-January, Manchester United face arsenal in the Carling Cup, and Lee Sharpe offered his career masterpiece. Him fooled the whole arsenal of Defense, hit a hat-trick at Highbury. That season, he won the players ' Association Award for the best young player of the year, also made it into the England squad, and soon on a sure footing. Flushed with success on the pitch at the same time, Lee Sharpe in addition to game an obsession-wine, women, superior skills and good looks, let his love affair in the market like a fish in water. Which seriously affected his status, and is sure to cause his conflict with the implementation of strict army discipline, Ferguson. Ferguson began to strengthen his control, stop paying salaries, no collection of wine and took away his car keys. But all this availed to Lee Sharpe to repentance, even in front of reporters to his coach fired. That forced Ferguson to take further action to reduce his playing time. Just at that moment, crash and countless injuries had been caught up with him. After a short-lived, he quickly fell into a slump. Coupled with the rise of Giggs, who he became dispensable role at Manchester United, the only option left. 265 appearances, 36 goals, as a winger, it's not bad, but for genius Li Xiapu, he can do a better job.