Cheap wildstar gold the current situation

Despite United's new manager Cheap wildstar gold David Moyes end Asia Tour returned to England, but did not start negotiations with Rooney because he has more important things to do, and that is how to persuade Barcelona to sign whereby CESC Fabregas, on the current situation, odds of Manchester United finish this deal is not optimistic. On in United confirmed 35 million pounds third times quotes Barcelona Zhiji, United Kingdom media insight offside burst material, in Chelsea 23 million pounds plus 2.5 million pounds of floating turned contributions quotes Rooney was refused to Hou, Mourinho of team again for times quotes, rumors in the Chelsea 30 million pounds of quotes also was has United refused to, originally Mourinho finds Rooney supreme value 30 million pounds, but now only continues to price United Kingdom media insight offside exclusive news said, Chelsea and Manchester United was Rooney's transfer agreement had been reached, much higher than Mourinho found small areas of fat were worth 30 million pounds, the two sides finally sold at the price of 35 million pounds. Now Rooney's contract has two years with Manchester United, Chelsea feel the price is too high, but Mourinho wants to sign a chubby, Stamford Bridge only as "suckers". Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney and Chelsea's players ' personal terms are announced, the two sides signed a five-year contract, paid to 200,000 pounds, compared with time at Manchester United, and weekly earnings declined, Rooney at Old Trafford a week up to 25Million pounds, was the first paid if Chelsea Manchester United signed Wayne Rooney, then both deals will happen, a deal that was a Manchester United, a deal that is Chelsea. United for the transfer fee, will strive to acquire CESC Fabregas, which is new manager David Moyes wants players after Chelsea Rooney will be made up front to make adjustments in January 2011 from the 50 million pound signing Fernando Torres of Liverpool became a casualty, may be forced to leave Stamford Bridge, sources say, Liverpool 20 million pounds to greet Spain striker.