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Since last summer, replacing Sir Alex Ferguson into the United, Moyes coach the team today played in 51 games, achieved cheap fifa 15 coins the record of 27 WINS, 9 draws and 15 defeats, winning only 52.94%, the area has as many as 13 points behind the Champions League, have certainly missed the next season's Champions League even worse Moyes had lost control of the dressing room, Manchester United player has no confidence he even attempted to leave the Club. With Moyes had bad blood already General Ferdinand of Manchester United, he wrote on Twitter: "this is a season of turmoil, frustration and disappointment. "Mata also complained:" it's extremely disappointing day. This is what I feel at the moment. If your team prepared for the game for two weeks, yet what development is completely different and you think. But it was all really happened at Goodison Park and I hate this feeling. Today, our position in the standings to make the Club and the fans are disappointed, such a terrible feeling drives me crazy. "Even the Welbeck became known has been an honest man," restless ", and he hoped more playing Center role, rather like this season is likely to be placed in a different location, more than he had intended to leave United Kingdom media said team chaos after the bitter defeat at Everton, put United top has completely losing patience with David Moyes. Glazer Manchester United boss and CEO Ed Woodburn decided to terminate the duties Moyes, the daily mail, "Moyers gone! Glazer finally lost patience with him, Ferguson's successor fail, current Manchester United manager will lose his work titled "report on the issue, and revealed that Manchester United had been scheduled at the end of the season and then fired David Moyes, but the current critical situation, leaving Moyes ahead of time will no doubt, or Monday, or within the next few days, Manchester United officials will announce his decision to class.