Colleen's pure appearance buy fifa 15 coins

Coleen and Wayne Rooney for the buy fifa 15 coins Coca-Cola invited to advertising, because the eye on Colleen's pure appearance, especially when she took a very beautiful clothes in ASDA advertising, its erotic image is popular. This old ugly, would only wear jeans and t shirts for little girls is not what it was. She has signed a contract with Nike, as its women's sports spokesman, in addition, she also collaborated with publishers to prepare 2 biographies and annual advertising revenues of more than 6 million pounds annually. Compare with Colleen, Rooney's commercial value is even more alarming. Besides Coca-Cola pay its 1 million pound a year endorsement fee, Rooney also from Nike annually sponsors receive millions of pounds in costs such as advertising, Wayne Rooney will show successful males, "billionaire" charm, unveiled in a black suit, also wore a bow tie, Colleen is also an elegant dress playing a long silvery dress. Colleen purposely put his hand on Rooney's shoulders, looked with eyes full of love Wayne Rooney, a celebrity Angel matches is envy. You can imagine, Rooney had gone as publicity ambassadors, Coca Cola will only earn a little money. The billboards will be made into a neon sign installed before Christmas to some of London's best-known streets, along with the festive spirit of the program, they will be able to give many fans memories. Coca-Cola's Marketing Director, "said Lu nikelin is ideal for voice selection, we hope that the majority of consumers will agree with them, because they are in the ad was too good. ”