Southampton sits at home against Chelsea

This game is English Premier fifa 15 coins League match, Southampton sits at home against Chelsea. Southampton is currently ranked 5th in the English Premier League, the last 5 games of the team's record is 1 WINS and 4 losses, scoring 4 goals, losing in 5 games. Southampton last 7 game 1 WINS, last 11 games at home lost only 2 games last 6 games in the Premier League will only win 1. Chelsea currently 1th place in the English Premier League, the last 5 games of the team's record of 4 WINS and 1 losses, scoring 11 goals and lost 4 games. Chelsea last lost only 28 games 1 games, last 15 games away from home lost only 1 games last 19 games lost only 1 games in the Premier League. Southampton and Chelsea during the race played 91 times, 27 WINS, 26 draws and 38 defeats Southampton, 16 WINS, 13 draws and 17 defeats at home, the ball 45 times, ball 46 times, home the ball 22 times, ball 24 times. The Europeans out of the competition early pay for an average of 4.340 3.606 1.782, lost 21.56 25.94 52.50, with mainstream companies offer early pay on average to 4.339 3.567 1.776, lost 21.46 26.10 52.44, Europe's attitude towards loss, Chelsea away win hopes this game great. Southampton away match 3:0 victory Everton Qian more field be and even defeated, team from away kicked Manchester City began on in the events suffered 5 even defeated, this season of big dark horse Southampton in Qian several week encountered has setbacks and was Manchester City arsenal and United this several support teams playing back prototype, but this season Southampton performance still is very excellent of, team in home 9 war made 6 WINS 1 flat 2 negative and playing into 21 ball only lost 6 ball. Chelsea now pressure very big, team must keep very good of played, otherwise Chelsea in Qian half season of efforts may wiped out, Chelsea in lost to Newcastle Alliance Hou on performance good, team away 9 war 5 wins 3 flat 1 negative field are into two ball lost a ball more, recently method CESC Fabregas performance excellent, but team top striker Diego gekesita State than season early appeared fell, this field game easybets opened of handicap for home team by let hemisphere a ball, recommended Chelsea.