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Advantage of Manchester United in the Premier League in recent years more and more small and directly related to the cheap fifa coins lack of ball in midfield generals, with Paul Scholes, Giggs ' age increases gradually, team in the crucial midfield lacks technical players are an indisputable fact, which led to the Red Devils played in the game ugly, tough. So Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer from Borussia Dortmund signed Kagawa early during the pre-season period, Ferguson also specifically spoke of Kagawa, "in midfield, he can give us some more stuff. Believe that he will give the team a great deal of help in the future. We can't expect a player to change teams and play, but he does have the potential to make a difference. "Kagawa joined the early line, in pre-season, held in Hanover, with Shanghai Shenhua and scored in a game, at the start of the new season in the match with Fulham after a passed ball accounted for. But with game of in-depth, Kagawa really Division fitness aspects of disadvantage gradually exposed out today and Liverpool of game, is Kagawa really Division in premier field ushered in of first war, opening soon he in left had gave had Giggs a remember pass, help "home more treasure" completed has a remember quite threat of shot, but now zhihou Japan midfielder appeared in lens in the Shi most time are is in against in the in downwind frequently fell, Has United Kingdom media bluntly: Robin van Persie first half rare took ball opportunities and United team weak of midfielder has directly relationship second half Kagawa really Division occasionally dew Mira, also became has he this bondage not more of highlights is one of, at Valencia in right road sent out cross ball, in area within of Kagawa with chest unloading ball directly formed passing, Raphael have ball fast adjustment Hou with a remember left feet arc ball shot scored has equalised ball, Kagawa also soComplete assists per game for the second time this week.