Chelsea this winter after substitute

Kagawa in few opportunities fifa 15 coins under Moyes, moyesihao throwing 37.5 million pounds signing from Chelsea this winter after substitute Matta, Kagawa thoroughly become marginal people, one goal last season, did not enter. After the appointment of Louis van Gaal started cleaning, Kagawa of Borussia Dortmund returned to his famous Kagawa is summer of 2012 advocated the signing of Alex Ferguson's, first season, his performance despite the fact that many times, but there are bright spots. Ferguson believes Matta joined force Kagawa to leave: "each coach has his own ideas. When David Moyes to sign Spain superstar when Mata, Kagawa felt he was no longer first choice, lost a bit of hope. ” Sir Alex Ferguson has repeatedly publicly backed Kagawa, but he retired Japan International and Manchester United together and go down. Fergie in this year's UEFA coaches Conference express regret not good Kagawa to Dortmund, Klopp, Dortmund, he thought better suited to Kagawa, and Klopp made him a duck "I'm satisfied with Kagawa Prefecture, he is well into, I think he feels pretty comfortable," Ferguson said. "Dortmund and Kagawa's right, like a duck after he returned to Dortmund, Klopp is a coach who can give him the necessary confidence. "And Alex agree Kagawa, after losing his chance at Manchester United, his first choice was to return to Dortmund, back to the teacher under Klopp.